Thursday, February 24, 2011

Its aunt annies fault...

I got screwed by aunt annies pretzels. Yesterday me and dad flew into Baltimore for a connection. As we walked to our next gate, we passed a million aunt annies pretzels stands. Now I love aunt annies but I haven't really been eating great, just the basics so aunt annies was not on my radar....especially at 10am. So we get to our gate and directly across from us is aunt annies. We sit around for a while and as I go to the restroom and debate about getting a pretzel. And decide no. But after sitting down, dad suggests getting a pretzel so I cave in. It's fate I guess.
After only eating 1/2 of it I decided I really didn't want it. Oh well.

So fastforward to Cleveland clinic in the dr's office. After exam the dr decides she wants to go into surgery. And asks, "have u eaten anything today?". I confess to the 1/2 pretzel. Her response, "oh shoot, if u didn't eat anything i couldve taken u into surgery today (Wednesday)." Which translates into being able to fly home on Thursday. But that darn pretzel prevents this! The pretzel I didn't even want! And even worse, surgery on thursday is in a satellite surgical center so we're taking a cab over. And to make matter even worse, with surgery on thursday, we were cleared to fly home on Friday. But there's a blizzard coming to Cleveland! So now we're stuck here until Saturday...all because of that stupid pretzel.

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