Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting restless

If it didn't snow today we would've been home by now. But we're not. Dad's getting antsy and ready to be home.
I'm feeling really good. Minimal pain, so I've just been lying around. Can't imagine tomorrow will be all that comfortable sitting on a plane but I'm ready for home. But since I feel so good, I'm not too worried.

I discovered the greatest invention yesterday. I had my surgery out at a satellite surgery clinic about 10 miles from the main hospital. I got changed into my gown. But this gown wasn't cotton. It was sort of heavy and papery. But it wrapped around like all gowns should be and covered everything up without worrying about being exposed, like I was when I was in the hospital.
And it had little flaps where the heart monitor wires could go without tearing off the gown. And then It had a couple flaps i wasn't sure what they were. Fast forward til I'm out of surgery. The nurse asks me if I'm cold and i said yes. She hooks this hose to one of the mysterious flaps and then turns on heat. It was wonderful. A heated gown. I did not want to leave. Every hospital NEEDS to get these things!

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